Somatic Movement Education (SME)

Somatic Movement Education, as developed by Thomas Hanna, is a neuromuscular approach to relieving chronic muscular pain due to accidents, injuries, surgery, poor posture and emotional stress. It is a gentle, easy and effective way to help manage acute and chronic pain, Through a set of simple, slow, functional movements, the aim is to re-educate the body through awareness of sensory motor processes and functionality. 


We can learn through SME to release held body patterns that may be from stress or injury, thus giving us the tools for self care and self correction. We build this toolkit through developing self awareness in ourselves.


Susan believes that in order to relieve physical pain, stress must first be relieved. One needs to be relaxed and rested for the body's healing and repair mechanisms to take place. As SME is deeply relaxing, it is suitable for all fitness levels and open to all. Anyone can benefit from less stress, more ease and physical comfort.

I have two ongoing Somatic Movement Zoom classes per week, Mondays 7pm-8pm and Thursday 11am-12pm.